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I love how I can look for available appointments by time and location – no more urgent requests for recommendations on social media when I need my hair or nails doing by 11am this Saturday. Instead, I’ll be searching, comparing prices and services, then booking immediately on my phone (or tablet). Brilliant.

Lucie Fukova,

Avatar for Lauren Hindle
I can’t believe the range of services on here. Not just hair and beauty, but dozens of therapies, some that I never knew of. I’ll be reading up on the blog before trying them out. I have a relative who is often housebound because of their chronic back problems, Keia lets me book a physiotherapist to come and treat them at home.

Lauren Hindle,

Avatar for Jonathan Andrew
Being able to make an appointment in my own time, and having video calls as an option, is priceless because juggling work, family and me-time is such a nightmare sometimes. Through Keia I’ll be able to get the sessions I wouldn’t have been able to make otherwise.

Jonathan Andrew,

Avatar for Laura Stevens
The email and text reminders are great for making sure I never miss an appointment. I’m not especially forgetful, but you get so busy don’t you, and sometimes things slip.

Laura Stevens,

Avatar for Charlotte
So simple to use and an easy layout for simple transactions. Beneficial to both customers and service providers alike.

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Very easy to make bookings and quick, efficient confirmation of arrangements.

Jean McClennon,
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Avatar for Wes Horne
My salon is now 'open' 24/7. Clients can find, book or re-schedule with me in just a few clicks. Even better, I started saving on merchant fees the instant I joined Keia.

Wes Horne,

Avatar for Steve Barker
I love how I get my own personalised URL that I can share anywhere online, and takes people straight to my profile. Who needs to spend thousands on a personal website that can take bookings, when you get all of this and more when you sign up to Keia.

Steve Barker,

Avatar for Emma Haworth
I love running my own business but I hate the paperwork that goes with it. Putting everything through Keia means it’s all done for me. My clients get receipts, reminder texts and emails; I get invoices and reports that exactly match my weekly payments from Keia. I don’t have to lift a finger! Even mileage for mobile visits is charged automatically when clients book. This is bliss.

Emma Haworth,

Avatar for Becky Goulding
Last minute cancellations are the bane of my life. Knowing that Keia takes the payment when the client books, and I get 100% if they cancel up to 24 hours before, is such a weight off my shoulders. The icing on the cake - the cancelled slot is immediately available to everyone browsing Keia.

Becky Goulding,
West Horton

Avatar for Janet Mantle
Basement 55 have found Keia to be a great asset with positive reviews from our clients who love the appointment reminders. Keia's customer service have a first class service with friendly, approachable staff who want to help and are open to suggestions. The booking system is user friendly too.

Janet Mantle,

Avatar for Cara Maitland
Keia is an amazing platform for professionals to use for their business needs. The team are very helpful and accommodating. Highly recommended!!

Cara Maitland,